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The Asani Sanitary Napkin Program trains women in rural India to manufacture and distribute sanitary products. Due to the inaccessibility of sanitary napkins and health facilities in many rural communities, there remains a lack of information regarding menstrual hygiene-in fact, 71% of girls do not know what periods are before they experience them for the first time, and many are obliged to manage their periods with an unsanitary rag instead of with pads.

Not only does this program empower women through an opportunity for employment, but the increased access to menstrual products also provides them with the means to pursue higher education and livelihood prospects while menstruating, as 23% of girls would otherwise drop out of school after starting their periods. Moreover, the Desai Foundation ensures that girls are given the necessary information and resources to manage their periods through regular educational programming such as health and hygiene classes, focused group discussions, and community awareness programs.

The vocational training provided through the Sanitary Napkin Program has a profound personal and public impact. The Sanitary Napkin Program also has the added effect of combatting stigma and giving women and girls a fundamental sense of self-worth and self-esteem that will empower them to pursue long-term opportunities.

We are currently expanding our Sanitary Napkin Program with other partners. It is one of our most all-encompassing programs and we are very excited to expand it, making waves in social and health reform in the greater region.

Learn more at www.asaninapkins.org


Diwaliben Trust, Unti Vibhag Kelavni Mandal, Gram Seva Trust, Gram Vikas Trust, Shubhamkaroti Foundation

Regions Served

Valsad, Bharuch, Navsari District, Dang & Nanded District

Regions Where We Are Expanding

Bardoli, Vansda, IIT Gandhinagar, Talangpur, Rajashthan, Tonk and Jaipur


  • 725,175+ Women Reached
  • 3.3 Million+ Sanitary Napkins Produced
  • 2,900+ women actively involved in the production and distribution of sanitary napkins
  • 236+ school with Menstrual Hygiene Management programing

In Response to COVID-19

  • 500 packs distributed to District development officers for women & girls in quarantine
  • 1,100 packs distributed in villages of the Valsad district with help from Asha workers
  • 1,900 packs distributed in the Bharuch district of Gujarat with the help of Eskay Iodine Pvt. ltd and Chaitanya Life science

$25.00 Woman’s Orientation in our Sanitary Napkin Program

Donate to this program

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