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Building Resilient Communities and
Cultivating Dignity

Building Resilient Communities and
Cultivating Dignity





We empower women and children through community programs to elevate health, livelihood, and menstrual equity in rural India.

Our Impact



Our Focus

Building resilient communities and
cultivating dignity


We empower women and children to lead healthier lives. Our diverse programs provide education, awareness, resources, and opportunities to support women’s health and well-being.

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We believe in the transformative impact of education and skill-building opportunities for women and children. Our programs cultivate dignity and open doors to a brighter future

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Menstrual Equity

We empower women and girls by advancing menstrual equity initiatives. Our programs reduce stigmas, increase access to essential hygiene products, supports girls’ to stay in school, and facilitates women’s full participation in the workforce.

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Women & Children

We believe that women and girls have the capacity to be change agents in their villages and communities. Our programs support a variety of initiatives related to women’s health, livelihood, menstrual equity, education, and climate action.

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Our Story

Inspiring Transformation and Empowering Dreams

In 1997, the Desai Foundation’s story began – ignited by the vision of Samir A. Desai and Nilima Desai. Their mission was simple yet profound: to give back to the communities that had shaped them.

Samir, a tech trailblazer, directed our efforts towards transformative corners of the world: Metro-Boston, MA, the vibrant tapestry of Morningside Heights & Harlem, NY, and the heartland of south Gujarat, India. Our purpose was clear – to uplift those who had been our pillars.

Throughout the years, compassion led to strong partnerships. We co-created programs, expanded horizons, and pioneered initiatives. Responding to growth, we evolved into a public foundation, empowering women and children through health and livelihood initiatives in India and the U.S.

Our belief: solutions come from within the community. Empowered communities drive deep change. Dignity restoration isn’t just a goal, it’s at our core. With every step, partnership, and heart touched, the Desai Foundation redefines compassion and collaboration. Together, we’re creating a world where dreams flourish beyond challenges, celebrating each person’s potential.

Beneficiary Stories

Stories From the Ground



I’m Geetaben Patel from Pardi village, Valsad district. At 45, I’ve faced many challenges but always believed in staying strong. I used to work with a group that helped people, but COVID-19 changed everything, and I lost my job. Then, I met the Desai Foundation two years ago, and I really liked their vision. I joined them, and now I’m happy, energetic, and inspiring those around me. My story is about staying strong, finding new ways, and caring for others. It shows that one person’s determination can make life better for many.

Name: Sohani Jat

Residing in Nohata, Rajasthan


I’m Sohani Jat, 20, from Nohata village, Rajasthan. My family relies on farming, and my parents are illiterate. Due to our economic situation, I had to halt my education after the 12th grade. Until recently, I used cloth during my periods, unaware of proper menstrual hygiene practices.

But a Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) session through The Desai Foundation Trust’s Heroes for Humanity program changed everything. I learned about menstrual hygiene, the menstrual cycle, and the importance of good hygiene to prevent diseases. I wholeheartedly appreciate the organization’s efforts and urge them to continue the MHM Awareness program.

Name: Jyoti Yadav

Residing in Tonk, Rajasthan


I’m Jyoti Yadav from Jhilai village in Rajasthan. I’m 19 years old, studying in my final year of college. My parents are farmers, and life is tough.

During the pandemic, things got even harder. I didn’t know much about menstrual hygiene, and nobody talked about it in our village. But thanks to a session by the Heroes for Humanity program, I learned why it’s so important. Now, I use sanitary pads, and I want to tell other women about it too. I’m grateful for the help and hope they continue this initiative.

Name: Payal Pareekh

Residing in Jhilai, Rajasthan


I’m Payal Pareekh, a 20-year-old from Jhilai village in Rajasthan. I completed my 12th standard, but I didn’t know much about managing money or even the importance of having a bank account. Then, someone from the Desai Foundation Trust came to our village and talked to us about financial literacy. They explained how to save money, the different types of bank accounts, and how to avoid scams.

I was so happy to learn about this. It made me feel more confident and in control of my finances. Now, I know how to make better decisions with my money. Thanks to the Desai Foundation Trust for teaching me these important things.

Name: Sowmiya

Residing in Yercaud, Tamil Nadu


I’m Sowmiya, 18, from Yercaud, Tamil Nadu, studying B.Sc. Maths. My parents can’t read or write, and I have siblings with limited education. I faced a scholarship application issue due to the lack of a PAN card, and the deadline was looming. The Desai Foundation Trust’s Heroes came to my rescue, explaining its importance and helping me apply.

Their support was incredible. I got my PAN card in time, securing the scholarship that aids my education. I’m grateful for their help and even guided my college friends. My family and I extend a big thanks to the Desai Foundation Trust.

Name: Bihar Goyal

Residing in Madhya Pradesh


Bihar Goyal, a 30-year-old from Lonsara Khurd village in Madhya Pradesh, is supporting his family through daily-wage farm labor. The Desai Foundation’s help desk camp in his village provided valuable assistance: PAN cards, Ayushman cards, and e-Shramik cards.

Bihar registered for a labor card, but an accident with a tractor left him with a severe leg injury. His labor card provided instant relief of Rs. 2 Lakhs and enrollment in the Economic Benefit Scheme, offering Rs. 1,000 per month. He’s grateful for the Desai Foundation’s Heroes for Humanity program, benefiting from the housing scheme associated with the labor card. Bihar is thankful for the Desai Foundation’s unwavering support.

Name: Preet

studying in Joravasan school


I am Preet, I am studying in 6th STD in Joravasan school. All the children from my school attended Bal Health Mela at Shantaben Vidhyabhavan. I got my dental check-up, bad habit, good habits workshop, use of a first aid kit, good food-bad food and most important information on primary health care.

Name: Padma

Residing in Marathikoppa


Padma, a resilient 61-year-old from Marathikoppa, Sirsi. Her vision challenges didn’t deter her dedication to work. But daily tasks and commuting became difficult due to her blurring vision. Padma attended an eye checkup camp by the Desai Foundation and partners. Thorough examinations revealed cataracts in her right eye.

On May 1, 2023, she had a successful cataract surgery, transforming her life. Now, she confidently navigates even at night, free from vision challenges. With your support, the Desai Foundation empowers individuals like Padma, ensuring equal opportunities for all to thrive.

Name: Renu Naruka

Residing in Bhanwata village, Rajasthan


I’m Renu Naruka, a 21-year-old from Bhanwata village, Rajasthan. After facing challenges, I had to discontinue my education after the 8th grade. But I didn’t give up on my dreams. Later, I resumed my studies and started a BA degree at a Niwai college. Here’s where the HFH program became a game-changer. I became a Community Facilitator and realized the importance of computer literacy.

I joined the Computer Skill Training program, which meant a daily 10-kilometer journey. Before this, I didn’t even know how to start a computer. But after three months of dedication, I gained essential computer skills. Thanks to this opportunity, I’ve opened up new horizons and feel more confident about my future.

Name: Shital

Residing in Selu block, Parbhani


I’m Shital, a 25-year-old housewife from Selu block, Parbhani district. After facing family responsibilities following my marriage, I couldn’t pursue my dreams. However, with my husband’s support, I joined beautician classes at SKF office in Selu.

I fulfilled my dream of becoming a makeup artist two years after our daughter was born by completing a 3-month beautician training course. My husband encouraged me to start a home-based beauty parlor. For the past 3-4 months, I’ve been earning 2000 to 3000 Rupees monthly while taking care of my child and managing household chores.

Name: Divya

Residing in Korlakatta


I’m Divya, a resident of Korlakatta village in Sirsi. My family faced tough times due to my father’s paralysis and financial struggles. I always had a passion for sewing, but family circumstances prevented me from pursuing it as a job. Fortunately, the foundation organized a sewing training program in Halagadde Panchayat, which I eagerly attended from February 23 to April 23, 2023.

During the training, I gained valuable sewing skills, allowing me to create various garments like blouses, kurtas, and baby frocks. What’s even better is that I can do this work from the comfort of my home. In just one month, I managed to earn ₹15,000 by taking sewing orders from others.

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From the vibrant lights of Diwali on the Hudson in NYC to the cultural richness of the Lotus Festival in Boston, and the global charm of Cocktails and Chat, our events promise unforgettable moments.


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