The Desai Foundation/Trust is an organization that empowers women and children through community programming to elevate health, livelihood and menstrual equity in rural India.


Our Focus Building resilient communities and cultivating dignity


Empowering women has the power to not only change the economic circumstances of individual families, but entire villages.

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Educating and providing children with the building blocks to future advancement allows families to transcend their circumstances.

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Alleviating health issues that prevent women from working and children from attending school enables the community to thrive and focus their attention elsewhere.

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Providing vocational training and the ability to increase household income leads to immediate quality of life improvements.

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Our Pledge

Every dollar raised goes directly to programs that change lives.

Our staff and infrastructure is supported by the founding endowment from the Desai Family and its board members.

Now, as a public foundation, your support helps expand our life-changing programs in
India and the U.S.'

News + Media

'GMA' Celebrates Diwali | Featuring the Desai Foundation!

We are overjoyed to share the incredible news that we were featured on Good Morning America! This year, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of Diwali on the Hudson as well as Diwali becoming a public holiday in New York. The festivities reached new heights as we were honored to be featured on none other than Good Morning America! Watch video HERE.

How You Can Help

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Menstrual Equity

Donate to the Heroes for Humanity program

in partnership with S.P. Hinduja Banque Privée

Donate in Cryptocurrency Donating cryptocurrency is a non-taxable event, meaning you do not owe capital gains tax on the appreciated amount and can deduct it on your taxes. We use GivingBlock to help us accept coins and offer flexible ways to give efficiently!

Working with the existing strengths of each community, we provide the tools needed to create stronger, healthier, and more economically independent households.

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The Desai Foundation

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3 days ago
Desai Foundation

Hurry up and secure your tickets for Holi in Miami before it's too late!
Tickets are flying off the shelves, you won’t want to miss out on this unique Holi celebration. Our all-inclusive tickets grant you access to an open bar with wines from Naidu and cocktails, a tasty dinner from Moksha, and a plethora of colorful surprises we have in store for you.

What's more? By joining us at Holi in Miami, you're not just partying; you're contributing to a cause. All proceeds from this event support the Desai Foundation's health, livelihood, and menstrual equity initiatives in rural India. Get your tickets at holiinmiami.givesmart.com now, and let’s party for a purpose!

#EventsMiami #Holi #HoliParty #HoliinMiami #MiamiEvents #EventsInMiami
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5 days ago
Desai Foundation

Photos from Diwaliben Trust's post ... See MoreSee Less

5 days ago
Desai Foundation

#Throwback to when Diwali on the Hudson was featured on Good Morning America! President Megha Desai reflected on the incredible journey by saying: 'We weren’t sure anyone was gonna show up, and we sold out! So many people are looking for a way to connect with their culture and community." This is the spirit we bring to all our events – a celebration of culture, community, and a mission to empower.

In just over a week, we're bringing the same vibrant energy to Miami with our Holi party! Get ready for an unforgettable night of fun, culture, and purpose at the Sagamore Hotel in South Beach. Just like Diwali on the Hudson, it's more than a party; it's a chance to make a difference in the lives of women and children across rural India.

Join us in Miami for an experience filled with joy, color, and the spirit of giving back. Let's party with a purpose! Get your tickets at holiinmiami.givesmart.com before they’re gone!

#MiamiEvents #GMA #HoliinMiami #CharityEvent
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1 week ago
Desai Foundation

At the Desai Foundation, we believe in empowerment through education and action! We're proud of our mission of breaking barriers for menstruators with the Asani Sanitary Napkin Program. This initiative is about more than just providing sanitary products; it's about uplifting communities and ensuring menstrual equity in rural India.

With our dedicated team and Sanginis who distribute sanitary pads at a reduced cost in their communities, we're transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and dignity.

To learn more, read the full story on Marie Claire at: www.marieclaire.com/politics/periods-under-attack-america/ and join us in making a difference.

#menstrualequity #empowerment #asaniprogram #pledgeyourperiod
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2 weeks ago
Desai Foundation

What can you expect from our Holi with a twist? From electrifying music to an open bar and delicious bites, swipe to see everything we have planned for this year’s Holi in Miami!

With only 2 weeks left until the event, tickets are selling fast. Visit holiinmiami.givesmart.com to get yours now!

#holiparty #holiinmiami #eventsmiami #thingstodomiami #holi #miamievents #eventsinmiami
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The Desai Foundation

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The Desai Foundation

There’s now just one more month until the movement returns!
It’s more important now than ever to #PledgeYourPeriod with us this May to continue destigmatizing periods and fighting for menstrual equity for the future generations.

To learn more visit PledgeYourPeriod.com. For sponsorship opportunities please email Colby@TheDesaiFoundation.org.

#menstrualequity #menstrualhygiene #menstrualhealth #reproductiverights

We’ve seen the damage and danger that can be done to the mental and physical health, education, livelihood, and dignity of menstruators when they aren`t armed with the right information and tools to manage their periods.

The Desai Foundation will continue to make sure that through menstrual hygiene education, periods won’t hold women and girls back from school, work, or society.

#menstrualhygiene #mhm #menstrualhealth #healthandhygiene

NYC’s premier Diwali Event will return on November 2, 2023! We`re ready to celebrate luck and light by dancing, dining, and partying for a purpose!

Last year we were so lucky to have @rhearaj perform for us! Stay tuned for more to come about this year’s event!

All funds raised from the event will go directly to our programming on the ground! So get ready to join us for the best Diwali on the Hudson yet! Get your tickets today via link in bio.

#eventsnyc #diwali #doth #newyorkevents

Periods are under attack in the United States- visit the links in our bio to read our article on @marieclairemag or learn more about what our Asani Sanitary Napkin Program to achieve #menstrualequity in India.

#pledgeyourperiod #menstrualhealth

We love seeing the women in our #Beautician Skills Training Course, which is held in partnership with @iit_gandhinagar learn and grow!

How would you have them use their skills on you?

#vocationaltraining #beautyskills #cosmetology

We are so excited to announce that this year’s Lotus Festival will be held on September 30th at the Collings Foundation Heritage Museum!

Last year we were so lucky to have @avantinagral and @ninadavuluri !Stay tuned for more to come about this year’s event.

There are limited tickets available, visit the link in our bio to reserve your spot!

#lotusfestival #events #celebration #philanthropy

Since opening in January, our 16 distribution ambassadors and 11 machine operators at our new Lucknow production unit have produced and distributed over 43K sanitary napkins! We are so happy to see this new unit’s big success!

🔗 Please consider making a tax deductible donation to our Asani Sanitary Napkin program! Check the link in bio to make a contribution. Thank you!

#mhm #menstrualhygiene #sanitarynapkin #menstrualequity

Candle & Diya Making is one of the many vocational programs we offer to the women we serve!

Visit our website to learn more about or vocational training.

#skillstraining #vocationaltraining #candlemaking #diya

The myths and taboos many Indian women face today regarding their period didn’t originally come from a place of harm. When people had to work harder in the past, women’s lack of participation in the community was not intended to ostracize them but give them an opportunity to rest from their duties. Over time and due to the influence of colonization and patriarchal ideas, these ideas started to become harmful to the women they were meant to protect.

Would you like to know more about this topic? Let us know in the comments below!

#asani #menstrualequity #sanitarynapkin #clintonglobalinitiative #menstrualpad #menstruation

We’re dedicating this #InternationalWomensDay to the fierce women in the locations we serve who fight every day to improve their communities.

We continue to be inspired by their work, and love seeing them #DreamBeyond

Let us know in the comments below who you’re inspired by!

To learn more about how the Desai Foundation works to provide healthcare, vocational opportunities, and menstrual equity initiatives to women in rural India, visit TheDesaiFoundation.org

#DreamBeyond #IWD #WomensHistoryMonth

Happy #Holi from us at the Desai Foundation! ...

This #InternationalWomensDay, join us in Embracing Equity with @thepadproject! This impactful youth-led organization is helping people all around the world get access to period products, provide menstrual health education workshops, and empower women across the globe.

We are so proud to have a backing of an organization like The Pad Project. As we celebrate International Women’s Day, please consider supporting organizations like us!

To learn more about what the Desai Foundation is doing to #EmbraceEquity in rural India, please visit our website at TheDesaiFoundation.org!


Our Asani Sanitary Napkin Program is the most robust MHM program in the country! Listen to @yati_desai present to former Secretary of State #HillaryClinton on why Asani creates so much impact for women, girls, and for the whole community!

#asani #menstrualequity #sanitarynapkin #clintonglobalinitiative #menstrualpad #menstruation

Jewelry Making Training empowers women, and therefore also their communities, by giving new livelihood opportunities!

What kind of jewelry would you like to see them make? Leave your answer in the comments!

#vocationaltraining #womensempowerment #DreamBeyond #womenhelpingwomen

It`s #IndiaGivingDay! Join us in celebrating an incredible campaign hosted by the India Philanthropy Alliance to advance crucial developmental goals in India. Make a difference by donating, volunteering, or just by learning about the issues facing India today.

Please consider getting involved by donating via the link in our bio! Thank you.

#indiagivingday #philanthropy #changemakers #socialresponsibility #india

At the Desai Foundation we feel like the work we do to enable folks in India to #DreamBeyond speaks for itself. Don’t just take our word for it, though, take a look at what former Secretary of State #HillaryClinton had to say about our Heroes for Humanity program!

#menstrualequity #healtheducation #changemakers #socialresponsibility #heroesforhumanity

Bring dreams to life this March 2nd for #IndiaGivingDay, an annual initiative hosted by the India Philanthropy Alliance! By identifying key issues facing India today, this campaign aims to bring community together and offer sustainable solutions. The Desai Foundation is proud to support this year, and we encourage you to join us!

Please consider getting involved by donating via the link in our bio! Thank you.

#indiagivingday #philanthropy #changemakers #socialresponsibility #india

We are dedicated to making sure that women and their children in the communities we serve have access to the #healthcare they need.

🔗 Please consider making a tax deductible donation to provide more health check-ups! Check the link in bio Thank you!

#healthyliving #healthiswealth #healthywomen #pediatrics

#HeroesforHumanity will continue to grow in 2023!

At last year’s #ClintonGlobalInitiative conference, the Desai Foundation committed to #upskilling our Heroes, bringing #healthcare to rural communities, supporting girls and young women, and bringing #hygiene #education to rural India. This year, we hope to impact an additional 2 million folks to fulfill this commitment!

This is our Help Desk service, which helps folks access their “social security,” PAN cards, and Aadhaar cards.

🔗 Please consider making a tax deductible donation for Heroes for Humanity! Check the link in bio to make a contribution. Thank you!

#mensturalequity #healtheducation #changemakers #socialresponsibility

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