Pledge Your Period is coming back in May and it's Going to Be Bloody Fabulous


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The Desai Foundation

Friday April 16th

Desai Foundation
Have you heard? Everyone around the world is going to be pledging their periods in May in order to help end the cycle of period stigma and poverty!You don’t actually need to have a period in order to pledge. Your pledge is a promise to be loud & proud about periods and help us make 2021 the year that no woman or girl is held back because she bleeds! Follow the link in our bio for more information..#pledgeyourperiod #bloodyfabulous #womenshealth #endperiodpoverty #india #periodsarenormal #menstrualhygiene #womensempowerment #desaifoundation ... See MoreSee Less
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Wednesday April 14th

Desai Foundation
We are so excited to announce that Diwali on the Hudson, NYC’s premier Diwali party, will be back in-person in NYC this year! Save the date of Wednesday October 20th for an evening of drinks, food, dancing and entertainment — with all proceeds benefiting our health, education and livelihood programs in rural India. Grab your tickets early to book your spot - space this year is limited! https://e.givesmart.com/s/:_KcAT_P7CCp/e/h26/.#diwalionthehudson #desaifoundation #diwali #nyc #party #entertainment ... See MoreSee Less
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Wednesday April 7th

Desai Foundation
Happy World Health Day! During this day of awareness, we would like to highlight just how important our health initiatives are now more than ever to serve the needs of some of the hardest hit communities due to COVID-19. We offer various programs that focus on general health, vision, gynecological + menstrual health, and hygiene. Learn more about these programs and how you can get involved by following the link in our bio! 

.#worldhealthday #womenshealth #endperiodpoverty #periodsarenormal #menstrualhygiene #womensempowerment #desaifoundation ... See MoreSee Less
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Monday April 5th

Desai Foundation
Imagine experiencing an entirely normal bodily function, but being barred from your daily activities as a result. This can include entering religious temples, being in the kitchen and making food, or even touching another person. This is the case for some parts of India, in which about 77% of women face restrictions like these during menstruation. No doubt that the myths surrounding menstruation lead to a negative impact on a woman’s emotional state, lifestyle, and health. Let’s put an end to this cycle of taboos and promote healthy periods for all!#endperiodpoverty #periodsarenormal #menstrualhygiene #womenshealth #womensempowerment #keepgirlsinschool #desaifoundation #menstrualmonday #pledgeyourperiod ... See MoreSee Less
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Friday April 2nd

Desai Foundation
Remember how much fun we had pledging our periods in honor of menstrual hygiene month last year?This year’s Pledge Your Period campaign will be BLOODY FABULOUS, so get ready to start pledging on May 1st! ...#pledgeyourperiod #menstrualhygienemonth #desaifoundation #bloodyfabulous #womenshealth #menstrualhygiene #endperiodpoverty #endperiodstigma ... See MoreSee Less
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