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We are humbled and honored to showcase some of the awards we have received for our work. Each recognition serves as a testament to the dedication and impact of our mission – empowering women and girls in rural India. These accolades not only celebrate our past successes but also fuel our relentless commitment to creating positive change and cultivating dignity.

 Economic Empowerment Excellence Award

 Top 20 Best NGO’s of the Year 2024

Secretary Clinton Visits Desai Foundation!

 Indian CSR Awards 2023

 The CSR Universe Social Impact Awards 2023

Indian Achievers’ Award

Bridgestone Mobility Social Impact Awards 2021

 The CSR Universe Social Impact Awards 2023

 The CSR Universe Social Impact Awards 2023

Grants Awarded to the Desai Foundation

We are proud to showcase a few of the visionary grantors who have partnered with us on our journey. This funding has played a pivotal role in fueling our mission to empower women and girls in rural India, fostering dignity, and driving community-led initiatives. Together, we are breaking barriers, fostering resilience, and shaping a brighter future for those who need it most. Think you would be a good fit? Connect with us to learn more!