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Get a BLOODY FABULOUS sweater from Lingua Franca

$100 from every sweater purchase supports our Asani Sanitary Napkin Program which creates awareness, production and access for menstrual health. Together, we can shift the stigma around menstruation so that a period never holds back anyone from school, work, or a life well-lived. Buy Now

Get a BLOODY FABULOUS sweater from Lingua Franca Get a BLOODY FABULOUS sweater from Lingua Franca
Host a Cocktails + Chaat Party Host a Cocktails + Chaat Party
Host a Cocktails + Chaat Party

All you need are 20 of your friends, drinks, and some chaat! We’ll provide the Desai Foundation materials!

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Donate Your Birthday Donate Your Birthday

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    The Desai Foundation

    Monday June 21st

    Desai Foundation
    As India has given the gift of yoga to the world, we hope today can be a reminder of how privileged we are to be able to practice yoga by honoring its birthplace, knowing that millions in India are still suffering from the immense hardships caused by of the COVID crisis.The recovery period is going to be a long and difficult road. But with your help, we can still provide support for the following areas:
1. Preparing for the 3rd wave: making sure people have what they need in advance.
2. Recovery and Relief: continuing efforts such as our helpline, testing, food kits, job creation, etc. 
3. The Livelihood of Women and Girls: this pandemic has set back the clock on women and girls, therefore we need to get our livelihood programs back up and running.Learn more and support India today: www.thedesaifoundation.org/COVID.#internationaldayofyoga #yoga #covid19 #covidinindia #womenshealth #desaifoundation ... See MoreSee Less
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    Friday June 18th

    Desai Foundation
    We are proud to announce our partnership with S.P. Hinduja Banque Privée to initiate Heroes for Humanity, a COVID Relief Fund designed to support our urgent efforts across rural communities in India. We are so grateful for this opportunity to impact the lives of thousands not only during this time of crisis, but also in the long-run - while keeping our priority on women and girls in mind. Scroll to see what our Heroes for Humanity partnership entails! 
And learn more about our COVID relief initiatives at: www.thedesaifoundation.org/COVID.#covidinindia #covid19 #india #desaifoundation #socialgood #fridaywins #hindujabank #hinduja #heroesforhumanity ... See MoreSee Less
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    Wednesday June 16th

    Tuckered Out with Ami Thakkar
    I get to sit down and chat with the President of the Desai Foundation Megha Desai. We talk about the #covidcrisis in #india and how the Foundation is supporting those in need on the ground. We also discuss the stigma around women's #menstrualhealth and how we need to help change the conversation for the 71% of girls in India who don't know wha their #period is before they get it.Megha Desai is doing fantastic work that I think we all need to hear about! Episode 57 is out now anywhere you get your podcasts or click on my site below. www.tuckeredoutwithami.comAlso, please rate and review the podcast on Apple. It really helps! But be nice. I know where you live. #southasiantrailblazers #southasiandiaspora #givingbacktothecommunity #foundation #tuckeredoutwithami #tuckeredoutpodcast #supportindiepodcasts ... See MoreSee Less
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    Monday June 14th

    Desai Foundation
    Happy Pride Month! We hope this month can remind everyone how important it is to broaden the conversation when it comes to menstruation and be inclusive of all voices. Not all women bleed; and not all who bleed are women. But one thing remains certain… we are all BLOODY FABULOUS!.#menstrualmonday #menstrualhygiene #womenshealth #periodpoverty #menstrualequity #desaifoundation #happypride #pridemonth #pride ... See MoreSee Less
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    Wednesday June 9th

    Desai Foundation
    We are so proud to announce our partnership with S.P. Hinduja Banque Privée to launch Heroes For Humanity, which will address both the short and long terms needs to recover from the COVID-19 crisis in India. This will allow us to provide 500 families with stable incomes, and impact thousands of more lives with our work. Read more here: https://indiatoday.in/pr-newswire/… #COVID19 #IndiaFightsCorona India Today Yahoo Finance MarketWatch Morningstar, Inc. ... See MoreSee Less
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