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Get a BLOODY FABULOUS sweater from Lingua Franca

$100 from every sweater purchase supports our Asani Sanitary Napkin Program which creates awareness, production and access for menstrual health. Together, we can shift the stigma around menstruation so that a period never holds back anyone from school, work, or a life well-lived. Buy Now

Get a BLOODY FABULOUS sweater from Lingua Franca Get a BLOODY FABULOUS sweater from Lingua Franca
Host a Cocktails + Chaat Party Host a Cocktails + Chaat Party
Host a Cocktails + Chaat Party

All you need are 20 of your friends, drinks, and some chaat! We’ll provide the Desai Foundation materials!

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Donate Your Birthday Donate Your Birthday

We invite you to #PledgeYourPeriod
to provide girls in rural India with access to
menstrual health products. Make a donation
& share the message of why YOU pledge your period!" Sign up now to take the pledge


We are always looking for volunteers to contribute their time, ideas and energy to our causes. If you are interested, please email info@thedesaifoundation.org
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Our internship program provides opportunities for students and recent graduates to enhance their abilities while receiving the satisfaction of contributing to a greater cause. We encourage talented and motivated students and recent graduates to submit their cover letter and resume to info@thedesaifoundation.org or

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    The Desai Foundation

    Friday July 23rd

    Desai Foundation
    Thanks to the efforts of our recent Heroes for Humanity initiative by @sphindujabanqueprivee to partner with @cryptorelief_ we have been able to secure more ration and medical kits for all 6 of the states we serve in rural India! 
Your generous support is why we are able to progress on the long road to recovery in India. If you are interested in being a part of our COVID relief initiatives, please reach out to us via the link in our bio or email info@thedesaifoundation.org.#fridaywins #covidinindia #india #covidrelief #covid19 #health #fundraising #saveindia #desaifoundation ... See MoreSee Less
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    Wednesday July 21st

    Desai Foundation
    Here is our latest update from the field to address the ongoing #COVID19 crisis in India. Despite India not being in the news every day, the pandemic is far from over. And the need to address immediate issues, as well as long term recovery remains. Thank you for your support thus far. Learn more about how you can help at: https://thedesaifoundation.org/covid/ ... See MoreSee Less
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    Monday July 19th

    Desai Foundation
    Since the start of the pandemic, we knew how dire the consequences of a strict lockdown would be leaving countless menstruators unable to access proper sanitary products in rural India. That is why in the face of such an unprecedented emergency, The Desai Foundation has mobilized to address these urgent needs. We have been hard at work distributing over 1 million sanitary napkins for free thanks to our existing initiatives such as the Asani Sanitary Napkin program.To support this program, visit www.TheDesaiFoundation.org/donate-now. Or follow the link in our bio!.
#menstrualequity #menstruation #periodsarenormal #womenshealth #desaifoundation #india ... See MoreSee Less
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    Friday July 16th

    Desai Foundation
    Did you know that 51% of non-vaccinated individuals in parts of India reported being hesitant to get vaccinated? According to a recent survey conducted by multiple NGOs in India, this is due to a number of barriers including fear of health risks, distrust in vaccine benefits, or elders in the community choosing not to grant permission. At the Desai Foundation, our team in India is pushing forward to combat these concerns by sharing credible information to rural community members and building their confidence to get vaccinated. This is just one step of many to ensure the road to recovery and bolster the health of some of the hardest hit communities from COVID-19. Learn how you can support our team by visiting: www.thedesaifoundation.org/COVID 

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