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Although there has been a healthy rise in the number of schools in rural India, they still lack facilities necessary to prepare students in the field of science. Recognizing this gap, we started science and math classes for children aged 11-16 years in our Lok Vidyalaya School. The program offers a rich curriculum comprising of theoretical and practical classes. It provides a platform for rural children, especially girls, with easy access to the technological world.

Our rationale is not just to provide opportunities to the students but also be a beacon of inspiration for the neighboring schools. We have observed a rise in the establishment of science and math labs in the private and government schools surrounding ours. They have adapted our programming in their respective schools that have opened channels to the technological world for many children in rural India.


Untdi Vibhag Kelvani Mandal

Regions Served

Untdi and 19 other surrounding villages including Malvan, Dharasana, Umarsadi, Jespore, and Dungri


  • Total number of students from 2015 to 2018: 1,132
  • Number of girls who've matriculated: 782
  • We are #1 in region and #2 in the district for our student's test scores

$100.00- 1 Year of Science Lab Supplies

Donate to this program
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