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Heroes for Humanity
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A Desai Foundation Initiative Supported by S.P. Hinduja Banque

Heroes for Humanity is a transformative COVID relief and recovery initiative launched in seven states in rural India by the Desai Foundation in partnership with S.P. Hinduja Banque launched in June of 2021. Each of our nearly 500 Heroes have been hired, trained and deployed to bring COVID care & vaccine information, food and other supplies, health and hygiene information, vocational programs and more. This program not only transforms the lives of the Heroes, but they have already reached over 2 million people with direct critical services. We are thrilled this program will continue for the next year, moving beyond COVID work, to deliver our existing programs around health, livelihood and menstrual health. The Desai Foundation is deeply proud to continue to grow transformative programs like these to deeply impact the lives of millions in rural India.

We would like to thank Shruti Ganguly & Honto88 for this powerful film about Heroes for Humanity. And we would like to thank Nina Davuluri for narrating the film.

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2021-2022 Report

Currently operating in:








reached with COVID Health & Hygiene Info
reached via MHM Awareness Camps
Supplies & Materials Delivered
Attended Vaccination Camps
MILLION+ Directly Impacted to Date

How can you help? Our COVID recovery work continues! You can support by providing funds, supplies (medical, food, phones/tablets, etc), cars/scooters, and gifts for our Heroes!

Join us at info@thedesaifoundation.org

Thank you to our Progammatic Partners:

Untdi Vibhag Kelavni Mandal, Untadi, Gujarat

Purvanchal Seva Sansthan, Uttar Pradesh

Network for Youth Development and Healthy Environment, Odisha

Shubhamkaroti Foundation, Nanded, Maharashtra

Centre for Unfolding Learning Potential, Rajasthan

Pahal, Madhya Pradesh

SPS Foundation, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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