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We provide several vocational training programs such as candle making, jewelry making and beautician courses to girls and women 18 and older. The courses include technical skill training and English classes. We also teach entrepreneurial skills in case they want to start their own business. Most of the time, the women in our communities develop ideas for vocational training programs, depending upon their interest and need. It helps them learn new skills while using them to earn some money for their families.


Untdi Vibhag Kelvani Mandal, IIT Gandhinagar, Shri Yoganand Saraswati Education & Medical Relief Trust

Regions Served

Untdi, Talangpur, Gandhinagar


  • 450 villagers have taken our vocational programs
  • Hundreds of villagers are elevating their capacity to earn, developing skills and dignity, and creating a community of peers and friends
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