Student Volunteerism (IIT NYASA/NEEV)
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We are proud to partner with IIT Gandhinagar’s NYASA and NEEV programs to help transform the rural communities near the school. These programs, like the program at Columbia University, use the resources present at the school to help uplift its surrounding areas. We have partnered with them on large scale health camps and skill development projects. Each year, 25-30 students from NYASA organize the Sanjeevani health camp at IIT Gandhinagar for children and women living in neighboring villages. Activities conducted in this camp include screening children for health-related issues, required vaccinations for children, and hygiene training. The NEEV program conducts short-term courses in computer skills, spoken-English and communication skills, entrepreneurship skills, sewing skills, and vocational skills for rural youth and women. Volunteering tasks for the students range from mobilizing participants through village visits to helping as teaching assistants for the courses.

These programs are designed to build global citizen leaders who take on the social responsibility of changing conventional norms and practices that limit the development of many.


IIT Gandhinagar NYASA & NEEV

Regions Served

15 villages near IITGN, and the peri-urban areas in Ahmedabad/Gandhinagar


  • 100 student volunteers involved
  • 81,000 people have been reached in 5 villages
  • In February 2016, IIT Gandhinagar & The Desai Foundation hosted health mela, or health camp, which provided 1,400 villagers with vital services such as general, eye, dental, and diabetes check-ups while 2,200 children received health and hygiene education.
  • Vocational & Entrepreneurship training across many areas help elevate the livelihood of those in the region
  • Programs expand with each class of students at IIT Gandhinagar
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