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This guide was created to help the Indian American community in Massachusetts navigate last rites for their loved ones in their time of need. The Indian-American society in the U.S is growing, maturing, and experiencing many life cycle events (Sanskars) that inevitably follow almost everyone. Sooner or later everyone will experience the loss of loved ones.

Indian American society is rich with history and culture of religious and social rituals that every family likes to follow. Last rituals vary by region, origin, religion and family tradition. Many of us do not have a source of knowledge or resource available to help us prepare and know what to do under these circumstances. This lack of information along with primarily western and Christian last rituals followed in the U.S, makes it difficult for a family to know what to do during the difficult and trying time of death.

If you’d like to develop a guide in your state, please e-mail us at info@thedesaifoundation.org

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