Health Camps and Seminars GUJARAT, INDIA

Program Details


Working with local organizations, the Desai Foundation has hosted many health camps and seminars at the Hansa Community Development Center and Shantaben Vidhyabhavan. The camps and seminars have focused on general health, hygiene, life skills and disease prevention. Examples of these Camps and Seminars are:


  • General Health camps and seminars offering services from a variety of doctors such as: General Physicians, General Surgeons, Gynecologists, Skincare specialists, Orthopedics, Pediatricians, Physiotherapists, and others
  • Health Camps for specific needs: Gynec consultations, Skincare treatments, Children’s checkups, Blood Group Testing and Eye Camps
  • A seminar with Dr. Maniar on Life Skill Development and Parenting Skills to increase parent’s ability to cope with the behavioral and adjustment challenges faced while raising children, the seminar also featured an open and interactive discussion to encourage attendee participation in hopes of finding support among fellow parents


As a result of these camps and seminars, the lives of over 7,500 people have been improved and over 25,000 treatments have been performed. Foundation health camps also include free cardiograms, vaccinations, eyeglasses & medications, frequently the only such services available for treatment & disease prevention.