We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our hallmark program! It's because of the outpouring of support from our donors that this is possible! And we have even developed our very own brand: Asani Sanitary Pads - By Women. For Women.


Our Sanitary Napkin Program trains women to manufacture, distribute, and sell high quality, low-cost sanitary napkins throughout their communities. This empowers girls and women to take control over their health and livelihoods and enables girls to pursue higher education beyond the onset of menstruation.


The vocational training provided through the Sanitary Napkin Program has a profound personal and public impact. The Sanitary Napkin Program also has the added effect of combatting stigma and giving women and girls a fundamental sense of self-worth and self-esteem that will empower them to pursue long-term opportunities.


We will continue to expand the program through existing channels at Shantaben Vidhyabhavan in Untdi, Gram Seva at Kharel, and at HCDC in Talangpur, as well as the future Asani Sanitary Napkins launch with IIT Gandhinagar, India’s prestigious technology university and a community partner for The Desai Foundation. 


This Sanitary Napkin Program is one of our most all-encompassing programs and we are very excited to expand it, making waves in social and health reform in the greater region. This program gets to the core of what the Desai Foundation is all about - cultivating dignity and allowing people to #DreamBeyond.


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